Natural Burlap HopSac Shoulder Bag


  Natural Burlap HopSac Shoulder Bag

– 100% untreated jute

-Top Zip Closure

-Contrasting faux leather trim, bottom and handles

-Interior fabric lining

-Inside zip pocket

-Multifunction pocket

-Fabric bows on sides

-Printed Hopsac logo on one side


Natural Burlap HopSac Shoulder Bag

This Natural Burlap HopSac Shoulder Bag is made of 100% untreated jute. This bag also has a Top Zip Closure and Contrasting faux leather trim. The bag also has an Interior fabric lining, Inside zip pocket and multifunction pocket.  Burlap fabric is one of the hottest fabrics in fashion at this time and we are proud to create this hopSac bag out of them.   Burlap fabrics were and are still used in making sacks for grains due to its strength and durability.  Burlap fabric together with drawstring technology clearly defines what this hopSac bag is all about.This hopSac is made of  eco-friendly 12 oz. untreated woven burlap fabric.   Burlap is a raw natural cloth characterized by irregularities in shade and or weave.   This bag is double lined to create a very high quality product.  Make a strong statement with the flair of this bag.  It measures 18” wide by 16” high by 6″ deep.  This bag carries a lot of stuff and uses the drawstring technology through the bows tied on the sides for a stylish look.

The size of this bag is: 18”w x 16h” x 6″d



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